One "Star Wars" hero said that rebellions were built on hope.

The latest Disney+ series, set in a faraway

galaxy, explores the history of and the sacrifices that would ultimately help the Rebel Alliance defeat the evil

Diego Luna returns to the Star Wars'' universe with "Andor," which is a prequel "Rogue One,", which itself

was a prequel of "Episode IV - A New Hope."The rebellion is only a glint in Cassian Andor's eye at this point

The latest trailer gives more insight into Andor's transformation from a common thief and galactic martyr.

It also teases what cast members Stellan Skarsgard, Adria Arjona, and Forest Whitaker (who reprises his role of the extremist

We see Andor again in the trailer.He has entered the Empire (though it seems the Empire has already invaded

it seems the Empire has already invaded his home world), and even donned an Imperial uniform in a dull gray.

To steal from the Empire you just need to walk in like you belong," Andor states in the trailer. They can't believe

"It's the start of the beginnings of an unrest," Luna said on Monday. "It helps us what we're skilled to remember 

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