Yes, there are all-black yorkies, though they are extremely rare compared to other yorkie coat colors.

Yorkie coats are usually made up of two colors  black, blue, tan or gold.

Yorkie puppies are born in a variation of black colors with tan points across their head, legs and tail.

Yorkies can be thoroughbred and all-dark, however it is incredibly interesting. Generally speaking yorkies will likewise have a smidgen of tan fur on them as well.

The tan parts are typically on the ears, head, gag, legs and tail. Beside the uncommon all-dark yorkie, yorkie young doggies are never normally brought into the world with only one tone.

The American Kennel Club expresses that the standard Yorkshire terrier breed has a coat that is a variety of four tones - dark, blue, gold and tan.

Will Yorkie Coats Change Color From Black Over Time? As yorkies grow up, their tones change. The dark coat quality that is most present in young doggies hereditarily gets lighter after some time,

Yorkie coats are different to other dog coats, as they are more similar in texture to human hair than fur.

Yorkshire terriers are small terriers which originated in the United Kingdom. They are small dogs, around 21cm only in height and 3.2kgs in weight

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