It all begins with the close-up of a swoony smooch between two young women, so lucidly into each other that the camera refuses to see anything other than their passion.

this thirsty kiss almost serves as a pledge by director Halina Reijn on what kind of a movie her riotously entertaining “Bodies Bodies Bodies” would be.

And what a thrill to discover by the end that she would make good on that promise with her survive-the-night whodunit.

In that regard, gear up for a Gen Z “And Then There Were None,” enmeshed with the lush nihilism of “A Bigger Splash”

nd social anxieties of “Knives Out”; one that neither shyly minces uncomfortable words nor skimps on

This open-handedness is truly a bold gamble here, as Sarah DeLappe’s screenplay (from a story by Kristen Roupenian, the author of the wildly popular New Yorker short story,

Equally successful as the visuals is the plausibility in which Reijn constructs the world the spoiled youngsters live in.

Sure, from “gaslighting” to “ally,” plenty of trendy buzz words get thrown around by these folks who spend their entire lives digitally on social media,

The fun part is, your struggle is thoroughly shared by the entire cast of players, as they try to figure out who the murderer might be throughout a night 

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