Pima Air and Space Museum, some information and Photo

Pima Air and Space Museum, Opening Time  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

400+ aircraft, 80 acres, 6 indoor air-cooled hangars.

just plane awesome! We’re one of the world's largest aircraft collections including 3 hangars of WWII planes,

the SR-71, the world's smallest biplane, and many other unique private, military, and commercial air & spacecraft documenting the evolution of flight.

There’s something for the everyone from a “flight simulator” Boeing 720 cockpit, the Women in Flight Gallery,

and an all around mecca for the aviation aficionado. We give the only tour of the "Boneyard"/AMARG (M-F, no holidays, 16-day advanced reservations required)

Remember if is a warm day drink plenty of water and there are a number of places you sit for a bit. We took the tram tour which cost a extra $8.

They do not do the tour of the Davis Monthan Boneyard anymore that one is suspended.

We started with the tour as it got us oriented and the tour guide was very good and had good info on the different sections and info on key aircraft,

After the tour we walked back to the areas where we wanted to spend some extra time and get close to some of the aircraft.