The Brooklyn Nets are expected to trade away their two biggest stars this offseason, but both moves have been proceeding slowly so far.

It is unclear what is stopping a Kevin Durant move from happening right now,

but a report today revealed why Kyrie Irving still hasn’t been traded.

Part of the issue when Irving was hoping for a sign-and-trade deal to materialize before he exercised his player option was that there wasn’t much interest in a long-term deal for him.

Now he has a team interested in trading for him, but the Nets still haven’t pulled the trigger on a deal.

According to NBA correspondent Marc Stein, there are two things that have a Kyrie trade on hold right now.

The first is that the Nets don’t want to trade Irving before they trade Kevin Durant.

The second is that they won’t accept a Kyrie/Russell Westbrook swap with the Lakers unless they receive a first round pick in the deal.

The Nets are absolutely right not to want to make this deal without a 1st rounder as compensation. Kyrie is simply the much more valuable side of this deal right now.

Trading Kyrie for Westbrook would also likely force them to trade Durant at some point even if they don’t get the offer they want.