at 2:36 AM·4 min read At 7-foot-1 and one of the NBA's greatest centers ever, the Hall of Fame superstar known worldwide as Shaq is not used to rejection.

Yet, when Shaquille O'Neal, 50, offered to completely remodel the Orlando, Fla., home of his beloved Uncle Roy for CBS's "Secret Celebrity Renovation,"

the selfless "true uncle," who housed O'Neal's family in 1992 when the rookie was drafted to the Orlando Magic, politely declined.

"When I asked him at first, he said 'no.' I had to get my mom, the oldest sibling," O'Neal says. "She talked to him and made him do it."

Everyone wins as CBS' reality rehab show continues its second season, airing Friday (8 p.m. EDT/PDT). The larger-than-life O'Neal discussed

what he vows will be "the best celebrity renovation ever" airing in September.

Shaq: I watch some renovation shows and when I see the reveal, that's no renovation. I don't know if there's a word above luxury,

but that's exactly what this renovation is. Like his stove, refrigerator and wood trimmings, I don't have those in any of my mansions. This was something else.

Q: Why was your Uncle Roy the slam dunk choice for this honor? Shaq: I'm a very gifting family guy. But if I call him and say 'Uncle Roy, I've got a million, do you want $100,000?' he'll always say 'No, you work hard for that.'

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