you will learn what are types of wrenches and how to use them? With pictures

Use:- On revolving this nut, the movable jaw increases or reduces the size by moving up or down

Pipe Wrench

use:- When the job is held in the wrench it is revolved. A plate having cuts in its mouth is fitted, which is joined with a rivet. Chain drips the job very strongly.

#2 Chain Wrench

#3 Socket Wrench

uses:- a ratcheting mechanism to allow you to quickly tighten or loosen the nuts or bolts without removing the wrench from the fastener

#4 Torque Wrench

used:- for automotive work for tightening wheel lug nuts. A torque wrench may be used on bicycles, farming equipment,

#5 Ratcheting Wrench

used:- This wrench permits you to turn the wrench to tighten or loosen without removing and readjusting the position of the wrench handle hitting an obstacle after each turn.

#6 Oil Filter Wrench

used:- primarily in the automotive industry. The chain strap and metal strap style filters apply a loop to protect around the filter casing.

#7 Combination Wrench

used:-for hard nuts, the closed-end loosens the nut so that the open end is used to quickly finish it. Like sockets, a combination wrench is commonly sold in a kind of wrench size.

#8 Adjustable Wrench

used:-it can perform the same basic function as a whole set of combinations or an open-ended wrench, although it needs more area due to its thicker size.

#9 Impact Wrench

used:-high torque to remove stubborn nuts or bolts. They are a great option for handling many nuts, although they are a poor choice for any job that requires accuracy.

#10 Crowfoot Wrench

used:-When you do not first want to remove the surrounding parts, they do a lot of work to handle the bolts located deep on the body of the machine.

#1 Pedal Wrench


Special Types of Wrenches

used;- to repair the pedal. Therefore, it is most commonly used in bicycle repair shops or for fairground rides like a pedal boat.

#2 Monkey Wrench

uses:- Its jaw is of plain surface like that of an open-end spanner. These can be adjusted with a round nut. It is also used as a screw wrench.

#3 Pliers Wrench

uses:-A bolt slide between two or more positions of an opening on the upper jaw, providing the wrench to be arranged to fit in different sizes of heads.

#4 Strap Wrench

uses:-Leather or canvas belt is provided which is rolled around the job and tightened with the buckle. With the help of its handle, the pipe is revolved.

#5 Plumbers Wrench

uses:-It is particularly used in plumbing for work on pipes and fixtures.

#6 Tap Wrench

uses:-to cut the female thread (such as the inside of the nut). These wrenches can be T-shaped or have a double-handle bar with an attachment socket in the middle.

#7 Spud Wrench

uses:-to line the holes on the pipes. It has since been rendered obsolete by the plumber’s wrench, even though it can still be found in the occasional toolbox.

#8 Alligator Wrench

uses:-As these were primarily manufactured to handle square-shaped heads, it has become rare to see them outside of films.

#9 Basin Wrench

uses:-Its main purpose is to tighten or loosen the heads under the sink and toilet, consequently, it is also known as a faucet wrench.

#10 Armorer’s Wrench

uses:-the specific type or size of the model of gun. These are used for gun repair and maintenance.

#11 Dog Bone Wrench

uses:-for bike maintenance, even though their ability to fit in small spaces sometimes makes them useful elsewhere. Some dog bone wrenches have swivel heads for greater flexibility.

#12 Drum Key

uses:-to tune different percussion instruments, such as drums. A drum key with longer handles provides you to apply more torque than shorter handles.

#13 Bung Wrench

uses:-It was specifically manufactured to eliminate the plastic or metal dung (cap) on a drum or barrel.

#14 Fan Clutch Wrench

uses:-They are specially designed to remove fan clutches on cars. Any of this type of wrench has a square opening at the other end, providing them to double as a clutch hold tool

#15 Hammer Wrench

uses:-A Hammer wrench is also used to release stuck or rusted nuts and bolts through high force. This heavy-duty wrench is used in some metal, plumbing, or electrical jobs.

#16 Torx Key

uses:-They can be bought in the same L-shape as the average Allen, you can also buy these in a laid-back set that resembles a Swiss Army knife than a wrench set.

#17 Cone Wrench

uses:-to accommodate the leveling feet of a bicycle or washing machine but is sometimes used on other gentle projects where a typical open-ended wrench is too thick.

#18 Garbage Disposal Wrench

uses:-To handle larger nuts, another type of flat wrench with a squat, U-shaped head is pivoted. This latter also used to dislike clogs in cutter variants, exactly like the Allen variants.

#19 Tension Wrench

uses:-If you have ever seen someone lift a lock in a movie or video game and wonder why they only move one of the two tools, the stable is a tension wrench.

#20 Spoke Wrench

uses:-The place to find this tool is a bike repair shop. Some changes resemble a small open wrench, while some look more like curved, flat metal.

#21 Spanner Wrench

uses:-These types of wrenches consist of pins that permit them to be used on a wide variety of objects, ranging from spanner head screws to retainer rings.